Hello world!

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New best raid

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When I said I wanted 100 million for Mother’s Day this isn’t quite what I meant. But I’ll take it! Lol




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URT Ranks 3

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Round 2 was a total bust. I saw 0 tourney targets, got 0 incomings, and did a whole bunch of nothing tourney related. even the couple assists I went on were not tourney related. Here are my ranks at the end of Round 2 anyways. My AA rank got better because I kept busy doing map shakes and stuff so my presence went up.


Ranks among all dragons:

94 All Around

Your rankings:

Best Raid:31
Total Raided:69

URT Ranks 2

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Here is my ranking after round 1 finished and before round 2 started.


99 All Around

Your rankings:

Best Raid:31
Total Raided:71
Since I was active but not overly effective in the URT raids, I’m thinking the gain in AA ranks was due to my presence increase. My treasure rank raided due to my opponents getting raided and loosing (I lost 14mill in my one lost defense yet still gained a spot).

URT Ranks

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a bit, but here it is.


Ranks before URT Round 1
(Feb 25/12)

103 All Around
Treasure: 9
Best Raid: 31
Weight: 15948
Total Raided: 71
Combat: 1001
Assists: 79
Flight: 906

Tournies can be fun….

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…As long as you don’t expect to win. Lol Today at Roll Over marks the end of round 1 in the URT (Ultimate Raiding Tourney). On one hand it’s nice to get a break, on the other I just want to get things over with. So far it’s been a little drama and a lot of fun within the team (I hope all the teams are fairing the same), but I seem to be getting way more points from defending than actual raiding.

Money isn’t everything!

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Treasure:  128,633,013

Combat Points: 2,510.00

Presence: 464.00

Ranks among all dragons:
(157792 dragons)

131 All Around

Your rankings:

Best Raid:22
Total Raided:74