Each page is password protected but that doesn’t mean I mind people viewing them. All of the participants are named though so it’s more their privacy being protected. I don’t mind giving out the password(s) if asked, but at least this way I know who has them and who can see what. 🙂 They are all works in progress as I keep adding to them and haven’t found the time yet to finish what’s already up off or do all the updates so they may be a day or two behind the action.


I now have a favorite duel and a favorite defense, both ended with the participants at 0 health remaining, the exception being in the defense the assistant dragon was still over half it’s health. But being a bigger one that’s to be expected. The duel page currently has no posts simply because Dracos is very busy with other things. Mostly raiding. 😀


~ by dracos on October 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pages”

  1. I agree with you that no one should be denied the ability to be a full member (not a trainee) because the system and criteria is flawed. The membership criteria should only be based on things that we have control over.

    • Not only that, it’s the principle of basing it on something that’s broken. It’s like saying “Who cares if it’s broken? You’ll just have to work harder whenever it finally gets fixed.” I’m sorry, but it’s been broken since day 1 and the devs have been “Going to fix it.”, it’s day 202 now, so obviously not a high priority.

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