New today!

Everything not dated for today, November 20th has been formatted. If you are a member of my clan or a friend and would like access to any of the links please let me know and I’ll get you that information. I might get around to doing the stuff from today as well since it’s all posted up to date, well for this point in time. I’m getting in more battles because I’m sticking closer to home trying to get an achievement. My last flight home took 4 mins, shows how close I’m hitting. I’m really hoping I get the achievement and don’t mess-up because I’m not having as much fun doing battles just for battles sake. I’d rather strive for something, like more shineys to sit out on my lawn.

A couple things to note or today. I finally broke into the top 200 for AA (all around). That is out of more than 95000 dragons. My current (as of this moment) rankings are:

Ranks among all dragons:
(95262 dragons)
182 All Around
Your rankings:
Best Raid:115
Total Raided:274
That brings up another point. Currently in clan we’re having a bit of a debate over if you amount of assists should count in regards to membership criteria. I’m very much of the stance that they shouldn’t. The assist system is broken so anyone bigger than you can bump you provided they can arrive by the start of the battle. This means it’s not always the best for the job helping and also means that it’s really easy for smaller dragons to get bumped (something I’m well versed on 😦 ) Until this is fixed I think it’s unfair to judge anyone based on this stat.
EDIT: Everything up until this point has been updated and formatted. I will be having another assist for today but depending on how long it runs it might finish tomorrow, either way it won’t be posted until then.

~ by dracos on November 20, 2009.

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