Right now I’m on top of my editing everything has been posted with one exception. I had a really nice assist yesterday helping out Crash that I’ve yet to put up. I felt sorry for the poor attacker who couldn’t land a hit and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a battle before where the defending dragon finished at 100% health. I would have as well but managed to get hit in the final round which brought me to 88% health (attacking dragon was bigger). Crash did get hit in a few rounds but using the vamp element managed to actually gain more back each round than any damage dealt. It reminds me again what a tough opponent Crash would be, even without an assistant (which is guaranteed because it’s an Order dragon). I remember I did try once and it lasted 12 rounds (I think). That attack was too far back (before the blog) so I can’t call up a replay to see it, but if I remember correctly Crash ended that at still around 75% health which is why I didn’t try again. It’s harder attacking some dragons that are overcapped. I’m not actually sure that Crash is but know some others that are, like BT. I’ve been thinking about going out on another strike against BB again. The last time I still won even with them having help (also guaranteed). I haven’t attacked BB since Nov 7 and am still looking for a big score there. I always get up to about 1 mill then slowly come down and have yet to win more than 300K in the end. I have a couple other targets in mind as well but we’ll see how things go.

Also Dracos has undergone a TEMPORARY sex change. O_O There are achievements you can get for only attacking dragons of the opposite gender so since I’ve been attacking males (looking back, 12 attacks in a row) I figure I should try for that. It’s rather strange now to make a conscious effort on making sure I’m attacking only males. I had to withdraw from one earlier today when I realized it was female, at least it was only about a minute into prep time.


~ by dracos on November 22, 2009.

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