Yet more from the AA vaults

I should have taken this earlier today to get everything. I was as high as 98, but just spent some gold on potions stock-up and dropped back to 100.

Ranks among all dragons:
(98127 dragons)

100 All Around

Your rankings:
Best Raid:128
Total Raided:225

I highlighted the ones I think are important. I’m going to try and update some more (no formatting until after my posts are made). Today I’ve managed 3 attacks (out on another now) and one assist. My good buddy SaintG has yet to attack, but instead is currently engaged with a fellow clanmate. He’s promised (yet again) to come visit after he’s done. He did pick a good target because killikrates has more gold than I do, but I don’t think SaintG stands a chance. He did seem to luck out a bit on the assistant. The one who showed up (after two smaller ones got bumped) seems to big a big one who can’t land a hit. 😦 I don’t like when bigger guys mess things up like that.

I managed to get an incoming attack today as well! (yes I’ll post that) And we won. Not all bigger assistants are bad. Paiste assisted me and we won, he did a really good job of hitting a smaller dragon as well, so it shows just how important speed and vision are when stepping out of your weight class. It’s not always a bad thing if the helper is prepared and actually able to help. It’s just that too often I see battles where the assistant is huge compared to the others and doesn’t land a single hit. I believe they call it a ‘toxic assist’. Full props and gratitude to Paiste for knowing what he was doing! 🙂


~ by dracos on November 27, 2009.

One Response to “Yet more from the AA vaults”

  1. Attacks and incommings are updated. Assists and duels are not. I doubt I’ll post most of the duels I’ve been in lately as they are mostly 100 rounds and no way I’m copying those. I may post results and what stats (handicap) was placed, if any, on the duel though.
    And I think I have 5 assists to post still but PD2 is still down for roll-over and I’m not sure how long I’ll stay up to do it.

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