New Best Raid!

It seems like I’ll be doing this every day, but I find it so exciting to be seeing such results (so bear with me).

Ranks among all dragons:
(98833 dragons)
79 All Around
Your rankings:
Best Raid:82
Total Raided:162
This is thanks mostly to a raid I went on last night. I’m still looking for the really big score of raiding 1 mill, but this is almost half way there. I just need a big enough victory against the right dragon. Making it harder is that some dragons who were good targets to take a chance on have grown (like Charlotte), others grew and changed their name (like Quito Rubyscale did). Anyways now onto my new best raid:
Nov 29, 2009 You defeated xxx in combat and stole 495,609 treasure!
I keep planning on attacking SaintG then don’t do it because of other commitments.  I have to do an assist in about 7 hours so he’s to far away to attack this morning. Last night I found that other target in the same area as SaintG and just couldn’t pass it up.

~ by dracos on November 29, 2009.

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