Okay so no more posting my AA scores until I manage to weasel myself back into the top 100. I had a feeling the attack I did last night was going to cost me, I just didn’t realize it would be such a steep price! I must remind myself that just because I can win against some smaller FW’s who are rich and most NB’s who are rich tackling someone at the high FW scale can be disastrous. I’ve attacked some heavier than me in the past and even a few pips but attacking someone based on gold alone can be a problem. When looking for rich little dragons I need to remember to look for them in the top 100 or so of combat rankings as well. Usually the smaller dragons are not in there but the one I attacked last night is actually in the top 50 and I only in the top 400. No wonder it had such a negative impact on me.

I’ve canceled two raids so far today to try and assist friends instead and both times I got bumped, and I’ve so far done one successful attack. Overall a big waste of a day as usually I manage one assist (when I’m lucky) and 3-4 attacks. SaintG has moved away to the other side of the map so I don’t see myself going after him for awhile. I don’t relish a 10 hour flight time ( almost 5 there and another 5 back), plus the 4 hour prep time. That would be almost an entire day spent on a battle I don’t think I can win if he has an assistant, unless of course I try something sneaky like switching my element, and I think I’ll wait and do that when he’s closer to home. I was going to try for the Good Friend achievement but sadly he wasn’t quite 5 hours away 4:53, besides with someone like him he’s got a lot of friends and I’m sure I would have gotten bumped. I looked at the battle in progress and he had a pip helping him out anyways.


~ by dracos on November 30, 2009.

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