I’ll take it!

I said I wouldn’t post until I was back into the top 100 ranks for AA…well……

Ranks among all dragons:
(99635 dragons)

88 All Around

Your rankings:
Best Raid:87
Total Raided:169

My combat rating still need some improvement but I think it’s going to be more like clawing my way to the top again. Not that I was in the top, but about 100 spots higher than I am now. That seems to have the biggest impact of any stats on my AA ranks. My treasure rank keeps getting better (now in the top 30) as does my assists. Since my big loss I’ve had 4 successful attacks (3 today), one assist (today) and one successful defense (also today) [what can I say? It’s been a busy day 🙂 ] and I still haven’t gained that much back in the big picture but when you think about it, 100 ranks in little over a day improvement is still a really great result.

Today is tourney day, I’m supposed to be facing the winner of a duel between Damage Inc. and Kallikrates but that duel didn’t take place on time, although I believe it has now, but I’ve no idea of the results. I could hazard a guess that Damage easily won considering I’m not aware of any concession made to the size difference. And I know first hand what a handicap that is. Last month I managed a win against Kallikrates but my duel the other day against Damage was a steamroll for him. I was also given the advantage of being fully potioned up while he had nothing. I’m debating what to do now. I looked at the assists page and almost everyone is over my weight so I don’t know how much help I could offer, but if I do an attack and then get a duel I might end up high on potions. That is unless I attack someone smaller and younger where I don’t need them.


~ by dracos on December 1, 2009.

One Response to “I’ll take it!”

  1. Never mind. Damage Inc. just posted so I sent him a challenge for 4am server time. Nothing had been decided about any handicap as neither him nor Kallikrates commented on it in the clan blog so I sent it at equal terms, even though it’s a guaranteed loss. Maybe I need to start recruiting more FW’s into the clan? That would open up my assists too…hmm

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