I will hopefully be updating later today. Although it’s a blizzard outside my trainers home, so think crazy kids coped up inside. It’s on the agenda, but not guaranteed.

For the month of December Dracos has rotated into the Council of The Seventh Day clan. That means I get more ofa say on clan issues. I wonder if the rest of the council is prepared for me as I have a tendency to never shut-up. As long as someone is talking (even if not to me) I always have the urge to offer comments.

I have also been offering some advice to a younger dragon, mostly newly started out. She has asked questions before where the answer is easily found and I always explain in great detail. I was running late today, needed to catch a sheep for the little ones to eat, when she asked about elementals and which gives the best balance for strength/toughness. Instead of the usual detail I put into my answers I instead explained that if you hover over an element from the info screen their stats’ show-up giving the bonuses and penalties of each. And that she should take a look and see which one(s) best suit her needs. I came back to a reply that she finds it funny when veteran dragons tell newer ones information easily found in the help section (with no further explanation). Also that she should start a clan for young dragons so they can get actual answers to their questions.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think maybe someone didn’t take her happy pills this morning? Or maybe she’s just cranky since she went on a diet? I mean letting yourself gorge like that then just cutting all food out must be hard on a fat dragon! Ahh…life is good!


~ by dracos on December 4, 2009.

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