As of this moment everything is once again updated. Well maybe not everything because I’ve yet to post this months tourney round but if you’ve seen my last duel with Damage Inc. it went much the same way, only worse because I was on potions for the other one. lol

I’ve yet to do formatting. And actually might stop doing it unless it’s a favorite battle of mine because of the volume and time constraints. Of course I might get really bored sometime and go back and do them anyways but not something to be counted on.  🙂

Today is the deadline to apply for the elite level in becoming member of the clan. I can’t apply yet because I don’t have a high enough MO. I’ve been gaining about 100-200 each day but am still almost 2K short. Not bad though considering how low I was when I joined the clan (about 200). I’m hoping to reach the target by next month. To do so I might have to relocate though because even though attacks are showing  almost all are at least 1:3o flight time, also I’d say about 95% are outside my weight range. So even trying to go for the free MO at that flight time I’m usually guaranteed a bump.


~ by dracos on December 6, 2009.

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