The riggers of training

Doing any training activity for 12 hour stints is sooooovery boring! I wish I had some incomings or something to keep me busy. I’ve been trying to jump on all available assists, which I know interrupts my training. I get halfway there and then get sent back to my cave…bumped again 😦

Le sigh! This doing nothing is completely unexciting but sacrifices have to be made if I want to get my MO up. For a full 12 hours of training I’m gaining somewhere around 144 points of MO. I’m now over 7.2K the problem is as of this date to become, well apply to become, an elite member in the clan I need to be at 8760. It stacks by age so the number I need increases (by 40 points) each day. If I can get 288 MO points/day it would take me 8 days of doing nothing but training MO to reach my goal (roughly). I’m trying to speed it up by jumping on the assists wagon, just not having much luck and it’s actually putting me a bit behind. I did two assists yesterday (although one counted for today) and gained about 70- 80 points for them total. Flight time for each (assisting the same dragon for both) was 6 hours, battles were each about an hour. So for 8 hours I gained ~80 MO (about 10/hour), for training I gain 144 for 12 hours (about 12/hour). I think I need to find closer friends to help or move my cave. The offset is that I do gain more presence from assisting than by training.

On a completely unrelated topic I recruited my first member into the clan today. His name is Aindras and he’s a newborn (size not age 😉 ). He’s actually the dragon I assisted twice yesterday. For some reason he was under the impression that joining a clan would mean he’d be forced to grow. Once I assured him that was not the case he was eager to sign-up 🙂 That’s one of the things I’ve been doing to pass the time. I did map circle searches and sent a recruitment message to a bunch of the newborn, featherweight and pipsqueak dragons with a high enough presence. Provided they didn’t have any clan tag on their picture or in their name. So far, no other replies yet but I’m hoping. 🙂


~ by dracos on December 8, 2009.

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