I know, I keep saying my next update is coming then I don’t post stuff! lol

Well….really stuff will be put up when I find the time. You know holidays, busy, busy! I don’t think I have any defenses to post but I do have attacks. Maybe the odd duel as well but I tend to only post those if they are noteworthy. Also the clans first OT (official tourney) is coming up. As of right now I am only short 21MO points to apply for member. I will reach that goal today. In order to maintain having enough (since the requirement raises each day) I need to train MO for 4 hours/day if I don’t gain enough from combats (like if I go elemental hunting or attack deserted dragons looking for my TW achievement).

Ranks among all dragons:
(101144 dragons)

93 All Around
Your rankings:

Best Raid:110
Total Raided:188
I was ranked in the 80’s yesterday but after spending the past 19 hours just training MO I’ve fallen a bit/ Hopefully when I it my goal I will still be in the top 100 so my focus can return to my combat rating.

~ by dracos on December 20, 2009.

One Response to “Holidays”

  1. Did you make your target yet?

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