A bit of updating :)

I got stuck doing an assist during rollover. It still has yet to update 2.5 hours after the fact. While waiting I’ve been doing some updating on the blog. I still have some more stuff to post, and actually a couple duels I’d like to save as well. I think there are only 5 more assists left to post to make that section current (minus tonight’s frozen assists). I only posted a couple of my attacks though. I still have a lot of work to do to be updated, and as always there’s more stuff coming. I still have to link tonight’s posts to the right spots and hide the child pages but I figure doing that ll at once is easier than making a tally.

We also have the first OT (official tourney) coming up in clan on the 1st. Then member duels take place on the 7th. I meet all the criteria and not only have I past 10K in MO I also hit a new high today.

I hit a new peak today!

Ranks among all dragons:
(101655 dragons)

78 All Around

Your rankings:
Best Raid:120
Total Raided:206

Rather exciting I think although I spent almost the entire day assisting so I’ll probably be back into the 90’s again after others spend their turns. Something to make-up tomorrow.  🙂


~ by dracos on December 27, 2009.

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