What a day!

First off did I ever post yet that I passed the clan membership trials. I met all the criteria this month and also won in my weight class in the OT which is the 10th criteria so I became a ‘member’. I’m still waiting on my newly tagged picture bearing the logo not available for ‘trainees’. ūüôā

Now onto my day! I have never had a battle go quite the way my defense today did. Let me illustrate something.

Round 3

Algar [7th] grabbed 603,416 treasure, and now has a total of 959,821 in this fight.

Now after only three rounds and seeing that… Imagine the semi heart attack I was having! I had Dadga assisting me, who is a couple weight classes above, so always tricky on those ones depending on the element and their speed/vision combo on if they can hit.

Now let me say though Dadga did a great job. Without him and the damage he inflicted I would have lost. But there were a couple other factors that also worked to my advantage. First I was already smaller¬†than¬†my attacker. I had just switched elements to ice trying to finish off my TEA. I’ve never found much use for ice which would explain why it’s so low, only around 60% Today I learned the error of that judgement for sure! Ice decreases your opponents speed each time you hit them. Since I was smaller I kept hitting, my attacker kept getting slower allowing my speed to become more of an advantage and he started missing. another bonus of that is once he started getting slower Dadga was then able to hit him and turn the tide of the battle.

Let’s go now to round 17

Round 17

Algar [7th], weary from his wounds, admits defeat and flies away, his body battered, and his claws empty.

!!! Can you believe it? I managed to not only recover my gold but stop him from taking any and pulling off a win!!!!!!!

It was a nail biter right up to the finish as well. It kept bouncing around with me up in one round and loosing in the next, very tricky but such a rewarding win. I finished at 68(6%)  health. One more hit and I would have been dead, the battle lost.

Due to my recent focus on elements and not raiding my overall ranks have fallen a bit. My loss to Opal didn’t help matters either. I’m down to 83 currently, although that’s a couple hours after rollover and I haven’t used turns. The past couple days I haven’t been getting out as often either doing only about 2 attacks a day so my presence has also fallen but is usually around 630 by the end of each day. It’s something I’m going to work on getting back up, and also get onto an element that I can manage to do a couple attacks with while I’m working on it. I don’t want to fall to far behind, after my peek in the top 50 I would hate to fall below the top 100 mark.


~ by dracos on January 11, 2010.

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