Updates!!! :)

So much work on the blog today!

I had to organize things so that there are now links for 2009, and then added the month of January for 2010. In each 2009 group there are the monthly links that were up prior, and those are now hidden and only accessible through the links. I also went through and hid all the other pages I’d added that just needed to be organized (when I’m in a hurry I tend to leave things not finished).

So far the tourney section is 100% complete, since the last tourney was the OT which took place on Jan 1st. It’s already the 20th and I didn’t want to loose the links for those battles. I also updated everything for 2009, so all relevant posts are up. I found using Chrome sometimes things copy straight already formated, but later on they stopped posting at all so I’ve been transferring to a notepad and then copying it over here. Also Incomings and Duels are 100% up to date. The duel section may be lacking considering how many I do, but I’m only preserving ones I want for reference later on, or ones that were memorable in some way. The main reason why there’s not more is I do a lot of 100 round duels, even if they don’t go that long I still think 47 is too many to copy over. lol

The clans new Tourney is collecting entries right now, So February is ready to get off and running. Also Agnuis will soon be doing updated top 10 lists. I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped off a few I was on before given some of my poorer battle choices. Once I gain a top 50AA rank again I’ll move back into focusing on my TEA.

But on another note today I hit my highest gold ranking to date.


WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


~ by dracos on January 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Updates!!! :)”

  1. How do you manage to get things so organized?

    • Are you planning on starting your own blog and wordpress account? It’s much easier to talk you through the steps as you’re doing them than trying to explain it when you can’t see what I’m talking about.

      If you need help let me know. It’s all about utilizing your page widgets and knowing the difference between pages and posts. 🙂

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