Such a day!

A couple things happened today, not an overall good day, quite the opposite but still in good spirits.

I lost my tourney duel against Poge, haven’t even found the time to open and check it out yet, but I’m sure it was a good one, or I hope it was. lol

Congratulations to Poge on beating me! Even though she’s younger she’s tough, and about *cough, cough* 200lbs larger…*whistles*

Today was also launch day against my good friend Crash from the Order of the Rose. As agreed upon it was double solo battles with help turned off for both to ensure no interference.  In my attack against her which started 5 minutes prior to her attack it was a giant yo-yo with me having over 800K, then going to nothing and loosing after she managed to get 4 critical hits is a row against me! The RNG hates me today! lol

Feb 01, 2010 You failed in a raid against Crash – Do Not Assist.

Then for her attack against me. She was up 600K and I got it all back, then again she starts getting critical’s against me. It ended up with her finishing still on 13% health, grabbing gold in the final three rounds and taking off for a total of…..

Feb 01, 2010 You lost 1,079,208 treasure in a raid by Crash – Do Not Assist.
After that I spent my turns, all on gold and got back about 500K, but still down over 500K today. That’s dropped me into 25th wealthiest, my combat rank (back to back losses) also suffered a loss, as well as AA. It was still very fun to do and even funner to watch those battles. Something I might consider doing again sometime in the future.
But with tourney over and Crash out of the way I can do another day of raiding and then turn my focus back to finishing off my elements.

Ranks among all dragons:
(104889 dragons)

88 All Around

Your rankings:

Best Raid:159
Total Raided:170


~ by dracos on February 1, 2010.

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