PD2 Profile Update

Today I got lost making changes to my profile in PD2. I had only made the small change before of adding a custom cursor, a Sailor Moon lunaball 😉

Well today I spent most of the day adding more stuff. I added a background image that I made myself on photobucket so no worries about copyright laws or anything because it’s my image. I’m still not totally happy with it though. I’ve tiled the image to extend all the way to the bottom of my profile and the line cuts between the tiles is still a little severe to my liking. I’ll be doing some further changes trying to lighten up the lines but I’m not thinking it will be a quick fix considering what I already have took the better part of 5 hours! lol

I’ve also added music (a mix between Enigma and ATB that’s not to heavy to fit, but with a beat to not be overly mellow and put people to sleep), changed my links to a nice red shade that complements my clan tags on my picture. And added a site counter. I had to look around for that as well to find one I liked and tied into my overall theme as the site suggested only had 6 display options that were very limited. Mine doesn’t have all the perks though like being able to tell me individual views per day/month…just a running total.

My PD2 Profile!

Also, as per my post yesterday I’m going to brag a bit about my new best raid.

Feb 2, 2010
You stole 737,524 treasure.

That’s about 200K higher than my previous best (against BB) but still falls short of my 1million goal. I’ll get there I’m sure, persistence does pay off. Besides my targets aren’t growing and they can only get richer over time! 😀

Spent the day out on raids again trying to up my presence. But after two I only just broke 600. *lesigh* Looks like I’m going to really have to push it or I’ll end up out of the top 100AA.


~ by dracos on February 6, 2010.

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