Major updates!

I’ve spent most of the day adding pages trying to get caught-up on battles. I tried to view one in my combat history earlier and it had cut-off already. I had only done up assists until the 14th and today is already the 12th so I really had to get some work done.

Today I added all on my incoming attacks, including those in February already. I also did updates to assists and attacks, although not yet complete for the month of January. I got distracted watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Vancouver.

Update on my ranks right now:

Ranks among all dragons:
(105579 dragons)
94 All Around
Your rankings:
Best Raid:136
Total Raided:140

I’m slowly recovering from my very bad month of January. On a huge loosing streak currently, loosing 7 of my last 9 incomings (last 5 in a row). I need to figure out a nice diplomatic way of telling the BIG dragons to lay off and not jump on my assists. Quite sick of seeing a million shinies flying the wrong direction from my cave!


~ by dracos on February 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Major updates!”

  1. You still have gret stats in my eyes.The closest I come is my best rair currently at 288.

    • Well there’s a lot more competition in your range. I get to ‘pick on’ newborns. 😉 And also I’m not growing and have been fully capped forever.

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