Winds of Change

*Breaking News*

After much consideration Dracos revealed today the she is in fact a dragon of the feminine persuasion. Her clan was not shocked by this news having had inkings for some time and in fact referring to Dracos as ‘she’ and ‘her’ at every opportunity.

*End News Break*

I’m still just hanging on to a spot in the top 100AA, each time I start to climb higher it’s because I’ve climbed the combat ranks. And I blow it on each occasion. Recently there was the unsuccessful raid against Scarlett, the failed defense and raid against a PotS dragon did not help matters either. I’ve been on a roll though, winning my last 6 attacks. They have not been that prosperous in the gold gain department as others with the highest being only 43,409 and 2 bottles of Ninja.


Ranks among all dragons:
(105910 dragons)

96 All Around

Your rankings:

Best Raid:147
Total Raided:137

~ by dracos on February 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Winds of Change”

  1. We always knew she would see the light :p She couldn’t hide it forever. It’s nice that she came out about it 😀

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