Again I’m about to blow it!

I have to laugh at my own foul-up this time. I could swear I selected potions to go into the raid I’m doing but none were taken in round 1 and I don’t think my values changed (no bonuses anyways). So maybe a glitch, or maybe I was daydreaming. It makes no sense for me not to be potioned as I’m attacking someone bigger than me, but anyways my fault.

Since I’m about to plummet  (as much as 400 combat ranks, possibly more since this guy has a presence of 40), I’ll record where I am now.

Combat Points:
Ranks among all dragons:
(109384 dragons)
58 All Around
Your rankings:
Best Raid:27
Total Raided:73
Ranks among your friends:
(268 dragons)
11 All Around
Your rankings:
Best Raid:9
Total Raided:19

Also I don’t think I’ve posted it, but I picked up a 2 million plus raid the other day. I’ll make the post later today if I have time or tomorrow. I need to catch-up on my combat posts before they’re unavailable.


~ by dracos on March 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Again I’m about to blow it!”

  1. We have the same treasure rankings among our friends!

    Though saying that you have more than 3 times the number of friends that I do!

    • I like friends 😀

      I checked now that I’ve lost and I actually moved up a spot in treasure ranks AA, same still among friends. I guess Fast Feet just lost an incoming and our gold is so close we’re always bumping each other. lol

  2. So… I was right about the raid. My added potions made it so that he couldn’t hit me anymore, but I died from burn damage. Taking 37-50 damage each round adds up when you have no health! lol

    Combat Points:

    I dropped 95 glicko from the poor raid. My combat ranks didn’t go as bad as I feared but still not good. Combat:645 So I dropped 177 ranks there. 😦

  3. My last attack and raid both ended as a win for the defender. Seems me and Nightstryke are very evenly matched – I’m thinking sending a duel request to see who is the better :]

    Good that you gained a place in your treasure, though a shame about the others 😦

    • Well I was 11th yesterday and got bumped to 12th today, then promoted back. I still haven’t ever breached the top 10 but I think once I do all those big pips who are watching me will try for it. 😀 It’s a good think I pump stealth and don’t spend all my turns on gold. 😀

      You should send him a duel. Well two actually. One normal and one with items and elements off. 😀

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