Before I go…

I thought I’d do some updating of my battles. I’ve added the attacks for Feb, and all incomings and assists are current as of right now. Attacks take a bit more sorting out because there’s elements thrown in the mix I have to remove.

Suffered a bad loss this morning as well that’s caused me to drop all the way back into just the top 80 AA. It caused my GF rank to go from ~450 to almost 1000, which explains the huge drop. All I can say about the battle is the RNG was hating on me. In round 6 I  was still at 67% health, had my opponent down to 24%, the assistant wasn’t hitting me at all..then all the sudden 2 rounds later the defendant and I were both at 0 and I lost. Silly air attuned assistant all the sudden started hitting me. That was after missing me 5 of the 6 prior rounds (including the times where his air attunment kicked in). So in the last 2 rounds I got hit 6 times (twice from the defender and 4 times from the assistant), and flew home with empty claws. 😦

Now I have to decide if I’m going to try and build my ranks back, or switch elements and work on that for the upcoming tourney. Although given my results so far in the test duels at these terms I doubt any switch would make much a difference.


Ranks among all dragons:
(111879 dragons)
*66 All Around
Your rankings:
Best Raid:28
Total Raided:75

*Just spent turns so I went up a bit, but it’s inflated due to raised presence.


~ by dracos on March 16, 2010.

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