Badda Bing

Due to being so busy and taking a prolonged vacation I’ve lost 2 weeks worth of data because the replays are no longer available. I don’t think I’ll even get around to updating anything until the weekend or so, but I wanted to post a brag. When I left for vacation Dracos was 43AA, when I came back Dracos was  113AA, mostly due to doing training instead of going out on attacks, and doing a couple assists when requested. So presence suffered a lot. Went from about 700 to below 500. I’ve moved to the 7th Day’s second base now, which is in prime Order rich little dragon territory. Just looking at my raid map this morning I spotted a bunch of juicy bait..err…I mean friends to stop by and visit. I’ve only done the one so far, but it netted me a nice parting gift. You defeated Boysenberry – DO NOT ASSIST! in combat and stole 1,988,293 treasure! I went from 107AA to this:

Ranks among all dragons:
(118127 dragons)
75 All Around
Your rankings:
Best Raid:38
Total Raided:74

Not bad at all, especially since flight time was an astounding 23 minutes to attack. I have a few other friends I’d like to visit. 😀


~ by dracos on April 14, 2010.

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