What elements work best when assisting and why?

In the below list 1 is the best and 5 the worst assisting element.

1.Metal –

You will never be a toxic assistant when you are metal because each time you hit you reflect back (at 100% attument and full potions) about 32% of the damage you take. This will negate even a vampire who will absorb around the same amount. However metal rounds up and vampire rounds down which is why you will sometimes see a 1hp difference between the two amount.

2.Ice, Fire, Poison, Chaos, Light, Shadow

Ice – You reduce the  attackers speed with each hit you land, meaning if they are attacking a dragon smaller than themselves over time they’ll start missing more often. That can be the difference between outlasting the 20 rounds and loosing in 17.

Fire – Fire damage stacks, so the more often you hit them, the more damage they take at the start of each round. The damage is not dependent on the amount they were hit for, only that they were hit.

Poison – You reduce the  attackers strength with each hit you land. This can help negate the attackers superior strength if the battle goes on long enough.

Shadow – You reduce the attackers vision each time you hit them. It is especially effective against bigger dragons causing them to miss the smaller dragon they’re attacking.

Chaos –  Chaos allows you to sometimes hit harder than normal. This can be especially beneficial when assisting because you only have half the defenders strength. This can help you land attacks for a similar value as the defending dragon.

For each of those elements (ice, poison, fire, shadow, chaos) it is dependent on if the assistant hits the attacker. If the assistant cannot hit the attacker they are completely ineffective.

light –  Light kicks in each time you are hit and increases your vision. It can negate an opponent who is shadow or simply raise your own effectiveness by allowing you to hit more often.

3.Energy, Electric, Doppelganger, Air

Electric – electric gives you a strength boost at the start of each round, so the longer the combat goes on for the harder you hit. this can allow you to hit harder than the actual 50% of the defenders stregth allows for.

Energy – energy gives you a huge boost to strength and speed once your own health gets low. This can make yu very valuable towards the end of a battle.

Doppelganger – Doppel is a tricky element, but you become the same element as the attacker with a 25% bonus. this can simply make you more effective then they are but is dependent on what element your opponent is.

Air – Air provides that chance at a double strike, giving you two attacks in a round instead of one. This can tip the scales easily in a close battle.

4.Earth, Vampire, Nature, Undead, Psychic

Earth – earth allows to to absorb some of the damage you would normally take. This allows you to stay in the battle for a longer period of time, even without taking DR (damage reduction) drugs.

Vampire – vamp’s suck a portion of the health they deal in damage. This allows them to stay in battles longer, but does not effect the actual damage you deal.

Nature – nature allows you to regenerate a small portion of your health at the start of each round. This could mean you get another round of combat out of the battle.

Undead – undead allows for the possibility of resurrecting after you’ve been knocked-out of a battle.

Psychic – psychic not only allows you to sometimes dodge attacks but also gives you a boost to overall agility. This can make you harder to hit even when you’re not predicting attacks.

The above mentioned elements work best when the attacker is bigger than you are.


Water is a non-combat element and has no real value in battle. It can however be useful (at 100%) when assisting someone on a sure loss. Your element helps to stop the attacker from grabbing as much gold each round.


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