What is MO and how does it work?

MO stands for multi-opponent. You gain MO through certain activities. You can set MO as an action to train, gain it through attacking dragons with assistants, defending when you have an assistant, or assisting your other dragon friends. The amount you gain stacks in the way that the more your stating value the more you will get from each round of combat or each hour spent in training.

MO is a good gauge of how effective you are in fighting against other dragons (where more than one is involved). In a three dragon battle the formula is:

(Defenders MO + Assistants MO)/2 – Attackers MO

If the number is positive the defending team wins the MO battle and fights with their respective CA values. If the number is negative the attacker wins the MO battle and fights with a boost to their own CA.

You will notice in battles where the attacker is at the disadvantage they tend to miss more often (sometimes not hitting at all). this is the reason why assistants with high MO are greatly desired. If you want to be an effective assistant in any battle this is probably the area where you should be most focused.


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