Bah Elements!

Today was my day of wasted elemental battles. Given what my current attunments are I usually have to fly at least 2 hours to find any element with a gain. I tried doing a LV8 earth after my assist last night/this morning and failed that, then when I went hunting again the closest I could find was a LV9 poison, giving an 11% gain. I’m not fond of raiding on low element given my results last time so I went for it. Potioned out to the hits and failed. I knew it was a lost cause about half way in when it still had over 70% health. lol Stars in my eyes I always reach large.

Given my results I went for a sure thing, going after a 0% gain against an element I’m already 100% in, it was sitting only a 3 minute flight from my cave, the battle did not get stuck and I got back to my cave 13 minutes after rollover. Now that I’m 100% I’m back trying for something harder. lol Suckers never learn! 😀

I also forgot just how much my presence is being affected by hunting elements. Without being able to assist (off element or just on a bad assisting element like vamp or nature). In just two or three days it’s a drastic change. Today I dropped below 600 (581.93) after rollover! I haven’t seen numbers in the 500’s for at least a month, and it’s not like I’m not around and active, just tied up, mostly flying.

Been doing a lot of work on the blog today, posted 16 new posts, cleaned up my loose links and redid all three January pages to make things uniform, then had to backtrack when I noticed the embedded links in dragons names linked to my combat history and actually displayed it all. lol Not a hard fix though. I’m caught up until about half way through January now, although all battles are posted just waiting for the pages to be put up and posted to their links for viewing. I figure I got to keep it up since Paiste gave props on the clan thread today. I also posted a battle example since all my pages are password protected, just to give an idea of the type of things I do.

I also realized I never posted anything about my new best raid. (Yes I know this is a really LONG post! lol)  And apparently I’ll have to post about it tomorrow. lol My combat history isn’t loading. Sometimes my history and assists pages won’t come up for a couple hours after rollover. As long as I’m not stuck in a battle it’s a small cost. 🙂



~ by dracos on February 5, 2010.

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